Karl Gumtow ceo & co-founder, cyberpoint international

Karl Gumtow is CEO of CyberPoint, a cyber security company delivering innovative, leading-edge products, solutions, and services to customers worldwide. Gumtow has over two decades of experience at all levels of the commercial and US Government security communities. He is known for his technical expertise and his record of leading organizations through challenging and mission-critical problems. Gumtow is committed to corporate social responsibility and is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Gumtow holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University

Eric T. Ashdown Cyber Security Managing Partner of Ridge Partners LLC

Eric held executive roles as Asia CSO, Principal Cybersecurity Consultant, Senior Director for Cloud Risk Management and Greater China CSO during his tenure at Microsoft. He has also been a Security Partner for both Ernst & Young and Accenture building and leading information security teams around the world. His career has covered work with numerous companies globally and negotiations with the governments of India, China, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Germany, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, the UK and South Korea on national security policy, impacts of new technology and cybercrime. Eric has been a frequent keynote speaker on security and has been involved with industry standards bodies including ANSI X9F3, TRUSTe, US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, Trusted Computing Group and the Cloud Security Alliance. BA in International Studies from the University of Pacific and an MBA in International Business from the George Washington University. Studied Mandarin Chinese and Chinese History at National Taiwan University and Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center.

Ian Cook

Mr Ian Cook is CEO and Founder of Corbels Security Services and has 35 years of experience in advising businesses in their strategic decisions including Saudi American Bank, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Team Cymru, and numerous technology start-ups and VC’s. Ian pioneered the application of Government intelligence procedures in the corporate sector to predict future security risks and enable companies to better target their security resources and make more effective strategic decisions. He is also mentor at Cyber London (CyLon): Europe’s first cybersecurity accelerator; and at HutZero: the UK’s first cybersecurity bootcamp.