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Resecurity Announces Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Platform
Sep 02, 2018

Resecurity Inc., a California-Based cybersecurity company, announces the release of next-generation Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP). The solution provides continuous behavior monitoring with advanced threat protection capabilities for enterprise environments.

As reported by numerous data breaches, traditional Anti-Virus (AV) and standalone endpoint protection software is completely useless against sophisticated threat actors and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Resecurity combines multiple protection stack to identify cyber threats with investigation and remediation capabilities needed to dynamically respond to security incidents and alerts.

Beginning in 2014, Resecurity’s R&D started deep analysis of actual tools, tactics and procedures of threat actors used in the most complex network intrusions and targeted attacks in various environments. It helped to create proprietary algorithm, providing high-accuracy detection of anomalies and increased visibility into security incidents.

“Resecurity helps to protect mission-critical assets in your enterprise network and cloud, to identify advanced threats and sophisticated threat actors, using intelligence-driven approach and contextual awareness,” said Jennifer Williams, Chief Operating Officer (COO).

About Resecurity:
Resecurity Inc., California-Based cybersecurity company, developers of advanced endpoint protection platform with integrated capabilities to combat modern day cyber threats in enterprise environments.

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