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Resecurity forms HUNTER unit focused on cybersecurity R&D
Sep 05, 2018

Resecurity Inc., California-Based cybersecurity company, developing Advanced Endpoint Protection(AEP) solutions, announces the formation of HUNTER Unit, specializing in deep research of global cyber threats, emerging security challenges and the effective mitigation strategies.

The group will unite security and vulnerability researches from Israel, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Canada and China.

The focus of the team will be targeted on the research of:

  1. New attack vectors, tools, tactics and procedures of threat actors;
  2. Lateral movement detection algorithms in different environments;
  3. Threat hunting techniques for reducing of the attack surface;
  4. Advanced cyber threats in different environments.

Resecurity’s HUNTER unit is comprised of world renowned experts, specializing in vulnerability and exploit research as well as extensive investigation and response against cybercrime across the globe.

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