Cloud Security Service

Resecurity consists of prevent, detect and respond capabilities deployed as a cloud-managed solution that can be hosted in a public or private cloud. It helps to protect cloud workloads along with critical assets from threats and data breaches, monitoring cybersecurity posture.


Managed security service (MSS) for safety of your public, private and hybrid cloud environment. Vivamus pulvinar scelerisque lectus a congue.

Identity & Access Management

Manage identities, workflow, trust, authentication and access controls to mitigate the risk. Pellentesque condimentum sit amet arcu in convallis.

Compliance and Governance

Maintain maximum data protection in the cloud. Full control of your security posture. Donec id fermentum mi, nec venenatis felis.

Data Breach Prevention

Take extra steps to ensure the cloud is protected. Apply proactive security monitoring. Pellentesque consectetur varius turpis, nec viverra justo pellentesque sit amet.

AWS security

Cloud Security & Compliance Dashboard

The Security and Compliance Dashboard provides an up-to-date overview of the security posture of serviced cloud workloads. Browse incidents by geo, type and source.

Protect Hybrid Cloud & Micro-Services

Our cloud security solutions are based on multi-environment principles, letting you secure your cloud infrastructure without dependency on a particular cloud platform or service.

Activate Threat Hunting in Cloud

Using intelligence-driven security monitoring and cyber threat hunting transforms your cloud cybersecurity eco-system from reactive to ultra-proactive.

Prevent Cloud Multiplier Effect

The enormous scalability and adaptability of cloud platforms means that the risk of cyber threats is constantly growing. We enable full control of your cloud’s cybersecurity posture.

Supported Compliance Benchmarks
  • ISO27001
  • Nist
  • PCI