Managed Threat Hunting

HUNTER is an advanced threat hunting engine, providing high-accuracy security anomalies detection. It helps to transform cybersecurity ecosystem from reactive to ultra-proactive.

Proactive Cyber Threat Defense

Round-the-clock monitoring. Managed, tailored detection, protection and investigation.

Smart AI Engine & Machine Learning

Inspect critical metrics and increase the accuracy of threat detection with AI and ML engine.

Maximum Scalability

Deploy and manage threat hunting ecosystem for enterprise at scale. No horizontal or vertical limits.

Attack Scenarios Repository

Latest TTPs, lateral movement and data exfiltration techniques based on real life incident analysis.


Timely & Accurate Anomalies Detection

Alerts generated from SIEM and various security solutions deployments in your enterprise network may become overwhelming and completely useless without proper analysis and reaction. Improve the efficiency of incident response by reducing the time needed to identify attacks and strengthen your security posture.

Detect & Isolate Advanced Threats

Stop relying on automated rules or signature-based detection mechanisms – it’s a dead end that generates false positives and creates a false sense of security. Be able to detect attacks involving previously unknown tools or exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, as well as the most sophisticated adversary tactics, techniques and procedures.

Smart Hunting in the Network and Cloud

Using intelligence-driven security monitoring and cyber threat analysis transforms your cybersecurity eco-system from reactive to ultra-proactive. With our hunting engine, you’ll be able to inspect the traffic in your network perimeter, analyze suspicious events on every endpoint, and hunt for adversaries (cyberespionage groups, insiders).

Eliminate Lateral Movement

Lateral movement helps an attacker maintain persistence in the network. Comprehensive, 360-degree detection is critical for stopping targeted attacks and successful identification of cyber-espionage campaigns. HUNTER uses multi-layered analysis of all so-called east-west and north-south activity, minimizing the ability of threat actors to stay undiscovered.