Dark Web Monitoring
We help enterprises and governments identify, monitor and profile threats using our unique expertise and advanced technology aimed to provide in-depth vision into Dark Web sources.

Resecurity has built one of the largest Dark Web data repositories in the world. We provide unparalleled intelligence about cybercriminal, hacktivist and nation-state actor activity in the underground, with broad geographical coverage and a focus on validated sources.

Key Advantages

Actionable Intelligence

Get verified actual intelligence about the latest trends on the Dark Web (threat actors, cybercriminal groups, hacktivists campaigns, data breaches, new tools, malware, etc.)

Deep Context

All records are fully indexed and contain graphical screenshot, translation, associated metadata and extracted artifacts for further contextualization and links analysis

Real-Time Notifications

Get preemptive alerts if your enterprise footprint or brand has been mentioned in the underground by threat actors. This allows you to take proactive measures in time;

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor thousands of subjects of interest 24/7 across multiple channels for further investigation, threat intelligence and digital risk monitoring tasks.

Total Records
Fully indexed and translated Dark Web data with extracted artifacts, graphical screenshots and links visualization
Threat Actors
Extensive library of threat actor profiles collected from various underground communities with associated metadata
Built-in offline translation engine and unique linguistic expertise, providing details on threat actors chatter
Constantly updating repository of Dark Web sources, including TOR, I2P, Freenet, IRC, IM groups (Telegram)